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The main impediment to productivity is procrastination. Right? But my answer is no. The real culprit is spending time without being aware of it. For instance, by scrolling through social media, binge-watching the series, we might not even notice how time flies. We could also tend to postpone things, to forget things because of this. So we need to check in with the progress and completion of tasks frequently. Journaling is the best habit to adapt to track our daily activities and to be consistent.

How journaling helps and is different from the to-do list.

I used to maintain several to-do lists on my mobile phone and sticky notes all…

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Making a website responsive is quite important since the volume of people viewing websites from mobile phones, tablets and a lot more devices that involve smaller viewport sizes are high now. However, in some of my projects, I have faced some UX issues when depending on responsive design alone. Using adaptive design along with responsive design was a panacea for my projects. Without much ado let’s dive into the topic.

What is Responsive Design?

A responsive website is like (or supposed to be like) fluid. It adapts itself to whatever container you place it in. So you could make designs using media query which…

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Now it has been eight months since I started my career at Perleybrook Labs as a software engineer. My perspective about my work and field has changed a lot after I joined the workforce. Thinking back, I really wish I knew all these lessons back during my college days. Actually, I knew some of them. No. I knew most of them But I didn’t really understand the necessity of making them into practice.

I valued output more than anything. I delegated documentation to my other teammates. And I called myself a duct-tape coder!

Before joining the firm, my CTO Melson…

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WhiIe I was undertaking my Engineering course in Computer Science,
I really needed a kick-starter for being a good coder/software
engineer. As a person who was a complete novice to the field, I faced
lot of difficulties.

Let me highlight exactly what the situation was:

I really wanted to be a good coder. But did not know
where to start

There were a lot of good coders in our college and I always wanted
to be like them. However, I did not know where to start. I was not
from a Computer Science background. I took an effort and
participated in many forums and workshops, but it still felt like a
hard thing to crack.

I was not aware of even the most basic things!

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